NCR Solutions

Front-End & Back-Office Software
Advanced BackOffice

Provides retailers with complete control of item level data. It gives a new ability to control pricing, margins and categories by using the newest technology available. Interaction with warehouses and vendors is seamless giving the retailer better tools to control pricing and ordering. This .Net™ based software is a complete in store solution that includes wireless (Mobile Computer) maintenance, auditing, tag printing and DSD receiving.

Advanced Checkout Solution  

NCR Advanced Checkout Solution (ACS) provides maximum customer throughput, with the highest productivity level for all store associates, lowest operational costs, and extensible promotional pricing capability, allowing you to differentiate your stores from all competitors and provide a pleasant, yet exciting, shopping experience.

Consumer Marketing  

NCR Advanced Checkout Solution Consumer Marketing (CM) helps you attract and retain your best customers with powerful pricing, promotion and loyalty programs - and all of this without adding complexity to your point-of-sale operations. You can choose from traditional promotional pricing and frequent shopper features, to the most sophisticated and complex loyalty marketing programs.

POS Workstations
RealPOS 40  

Today's dynamic retail market demands innovative point-of-sale (POS) solutions that incorporate the latest technologies while providing outstanding value for your business. The NCR RealPOS 40 is reshaping point of sale with a breakthrough design that delivers an exceptional combination of performance, reliability and energy efficiency, all at an incredibly affordable price.

RealPOS 60  

The ever-evolving retail market requires advanced point-of-sale (POS) solutions to improve consumer interaction at the heart of retail, the point of service. The NCR RealPOS 60 enables you to empower store associates and deliver an enhanced consumer experience. This innovative solution offers outstanding performance and energy efficiency in a compact, rugged design to maximize your POS investment.

RealPOS 70XRT  

The new NCR RealPOS 70XRT delivers extreme retail technology for today's high-speed retail environment. Designed to accelerate your customer service and your ROI, the NCR RealPOS 70XRT combines business-optimized technologies, innovative retail design and industry-leading serviceability. Featuring extreme performance and scalability, exceptional energy efficiency and multi-tiered manageability, the NCR RealPOS 70XRT enhances the customer experience, empowers employees and reduces costs.

RealPOS 80XRT  

The NCR RealPOS 80XRT delivers extreme retail technology for today's dynamic retail environment. This advanced system provides the ideal platform to extend point-of-sale capabilities to include critical store operation functions and customer-centric applications that enhance the shopping experience.

SelfServ Checkout      Software Facts  

NCR SelfServ Checkout allows customers to scan, bag and pay for items on their own, while an associate monitors from a station nearby to help ensure a positive experience. The new generation solution features a refined, stylized design with store and lane reconfiguration capability.

SelfServ Checkout Mini  

The new Mini gives you flexibility to add special lanes for smaller baskets or card only purchases but only requires 45% of the floor space. The Mini supports the same familiar user and attendant experience and gives you the peace of mind with security and monitoring options.

POS Scanners
High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale  

This scanner features NCR's Optical Effects Technology (OFX) in a cutting edge design that drives more scan lines at greater lengths and angles to dramatically improve performance. The resulting dense pattern of scan lines captures and reads even difficult barcodes, including those that are small and truncated. This extensive scan coverage and higher performance read rate provide an overall productivity boost for all users - novice to experienced cashiers as well as self-checkout customers.

Low-Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale  

With its compact, low-profile footprint, this scanner/scale is ideal for space-constrained checkouts and seated cashier environments.

Single-Window Scanner  

NCR RealPOS Single-Window Scanner has the highest performance in its category. With its compact size, the NCR single window scanner is ideal for mid- to high volume transaction environments, such as specialty, drug, convenience and grocery stores.

Presentation Imager  

The scanner is designed to offer retailers a new level of versatility, functionality and performance at the checkout. It features a unique hybrid form factor design that combines a solid base with advanced handheld ergonomics, enabling comfort and ease of use in both handheld and presentation scanning modes. The latest scanning technology delivers record swipe speeds for 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as the ability to capture images and signatures.

Standard Handheld Scanner  

From the retail point-of-sale and backroom to a patient's bedside, the NCR RealPOS Standard Handheld Scanner gives you fast, reliable scanning. This handheld scanner is durable, lightweight, and increases productivity and efficiency. In addition, the NCR RealPOS Standard Handheld Scanner reduces your total cost of ownership.

Cordless Handheld Scanner  

With the NCR RealPOS Cordless Handheld Scanner, you will experience superior barcode scanning from a durable device. Workers can move within a 50ft (15m) radius to scan items. Hazardous cables can be eliminated to create a safer work environment. From cashiers moving around the register to scan large or heavy items, to nurses making sure a patient receives the correct medication, the integrated Bluetooth® technology ensures a reliable and secure connection.

POS Peripherals

The NCR RealPOS DynaKey easily leads users through transactions and allows them to reduce errors and improve productivity. Paired with the optional integrated fingerprint reader and touchscreen, you'll have a very flexible solution for any environment.

Performance Touch Display  

Designed for a variety of retail environments with a robust capacitive touch technology, this display provides superior usability and accuracy.

Keyboard Family  

For retailers requiring POS function keys, the 64-key keyboard offers a traditional matrix layout. Retailers using alphanumeric entry can take advantage of either the compact or full-size (big-ticket) keyboards featuring full alpha keyboard, numeric keypad and function keys.

Two-Sided Multifunction Printer  

The company that invented the point-of-sale receipt now takes thermal printing to the next generation with two-sided thermal (2ST®) receipt printing technology. By simultaneously printing both sides of the receipt, you improve efficiency, promote products and services within your store and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

Multifunction Printer  

Impact store productivity and focus on selling with the intelligent design and operator-friendly features of the NCR RealPOS Multifunction Printer.

Two-Sided Thermal Receipt Printer  

By simultaneously printing on both sides of the receipt, you can improve your operational efficiencies, promote your products and services and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

Thermal Receipt Printer  

The NCR RealPOS Thermal Receipt Printer delivers exceptional print performance, high resolution and two-color printing options. This printer has a small footprint and excels in any retail environment, especially the demanding hospitality industry.

Receipt Label Printer  

Advance the way you deliver customer satisfaction by clearly identifying and labeling orders in one step through the ability to print and stick your receipts directly on any order, whether it’s a bag, cup or even an individual food item. In addition, you'll reduce not only food waste, but also typical waste associated with traditional labeling methods, since there is no liner or sticker matrix—simply print and stick.

Cash Drawer Family  

Every retail environment throughout the world is different and NCR understands that. NCR has evaluated each region and industry to ensure the cash drawer family not only supports those requirements but also completes your NCR RealPOS point-of-service solution.

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