History of SBS

Bill Burns and Steve Miller established Springfield Business Systems in 1990. Bill retired from NCR after 40 years of service and remained active in Springfield Business Systems until his death in 1994. Steve, who left NCR after 8 years of service to help start Springfield Business Systems, continues as President.

The vast majority of SBS resources go to sales and support of the Food & Drug Industry. We currently support customers in a four state area. Just as each of our customers is unique in their business and procedures, so are the problems they encounter. We challenge ourselves everyday to know our product and help our customers use it effectively. Our ability to keep our customers happy is evident in the market share we enjoy and in the number of our customers who have installed third and fourth generation systems in their stores.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to help our customers plan for future growth and create a migration path for the technology in the store to keep up with that growth. Helping our customers be as profitable as possible is our key to repeat business and the continued success and growth of Springfield Business Systems.

Springfield Business Systems 2011